Today we’re excited to officially announce a new size of the WetLink Penetrator (WLP) and updates to several products that now use it! The WetLink Penetrator (WLP) is our patent-pending, next-generation solution for low-cost, high pressure, high reliability sealing of electrical cables as they pass into enclosures or other devices. It’s rated to a depth […]

Hello everyone! It is with great excitement that we introduce a new concept and new products. Today we’re announcing a concept that we’ve been thinking about for years: the WetLink family of products. The WetLink family helps you connect electrical things underwater. It’s starting off as a series of new penetrators and tools but we […]

Originally published in Sea Technology Magazine, Volume 61, #1, January 2020 With ocean health becoming a topic of increasing public concern, there’s a growing interest in using marine robotics and sensing to solve ocean-related problems. Marine robotics and sensing can drive public awareness, scientific understanding, and direct intervention to ocean health problems at a scale […]

Underwater robots have been an important tool for marine science, exploration, and work for the past thirty or forty years. We’ve become familiar with terms like ROV and AUV to describe types of subsea vehicles and these terms have been stable for years. However, there’s a new term cropping up in the last few years: […]